run kim


My mother, I am thinking about her much now, and all these things that we thought about.
We always looking at the ways that she failed us, and now that she is gone we are always looking at that ways she made us.
“I guess that I missed you, and I am sorry that I dissed you”
This is probably the hardest thing I will every write. My first instinct is to run and just run some more, and when I am in ocean shores I am going to run on the beach, 3 miles down and 3 miles back home. And the rain and the beach feels so good and cleaning.
“Hey mom”
I would say to her, I found this girl and she is unlike other girls. Her name is Kim and I like the way she pulls the skin off of my back and I like the way she smiles at the sky. I like the way she loves the rivers.

“Go for it”
She would say….

And I have Kim and I don’t know if Kim knows this just yet. But she pulls all the skin off of my back, and pulls it all into making sense. Until my arms make sense and my love makes sense and we run past these obstacles on the San Juan journal run and she beats me on the hills. She ran up the hill in front of my father’s house and I didn’t have the wind.

Run Kim! Run….