at 24


I am a plumber I am coming to fix your sink,
I am a carpenter
here to build a desk,
erecting monuments inside your dress.
a man that can build
a man that can fix oh what a beautiful mix
let me crawl inside your sleep and make things right

I haven't dreamed in a long time, I don't now where it went, like cement that laid concrete in my mind. my dreams are gone. I use to wake up with pen, and jot it all down, to get lost in it all, all those visions, smells, tastes and feeling, all those dreams...what a strange wonderful thing driving hunger is.

like that general he could never become -- was contemplating the military chances for entering an ambush of such delicacy connected to such strength. The only answer was attack. Shatter all prepared positions. Go out, he said to himself, and smash that fucking tea house. And he did

hardboiled, a word that makes me laugh