my dad wrote this


my rifle is semi automatic
carbine with a ten shot clip. shoots as fast as you
pull the trigger. i know thats nothing to you army
guys, but i am impressed . i love the stainless part
of it all. also 22's are very economical to use.
andy says they sell a thirty shot clip too.
i made a square sail for cygnet. attaches to an
spinakker pole. nice sail.have to try it soon.
i really am enjoying living on the boat and the quiet
of jensens.i also enjoy stuart island so much too. it
is what keeps me in the san juans.
the florida keys are beautiful. erin was expecting
to see alligators walking around.
i am drinking coffee at andys office writting.
each day here in the san juans has been just about a
fine a day as you might expect.

just saw frank jensen walk by the office.
the season is just starting to pick up now. the
summer has been slow. so far.guess the economy is not
so good to encourage spenders.
again i am enjoying the summer in the san juans. I love you