my video ideas that didn't pan out


Idea for film.

Shot of man running down street followed by car. It is dark out and the headlights of the car are illuminating the back of the man. The man is w. Chris. And it appears to be that he is running for his life. At no time is he further than 20 ft in front of the car that his following him. At no time is he less than five. To make this funny, to make this scene viewable, have Chris run around in populated areas, such as 5th ave downtown Naples.

Which would of course draw the attention of on-lookers. (Film reaction). Then slowly pan over (camera is located in the drivers position) to film the passenger, who happens to be w. Chris himself... (Make sure the inside car light is on)...

now the viewer knows that w. Chris is running away from himself. The cooler Chris, the one in the passenger seat, has a nonchalant look, and manner, as if he knows the future. The other Chris, maybe a younger uncertain Chris, is running for his life. In the end of the film we will have car following Chris through yards over curbs, and flower covered roundabout.... Camera pans back over to Chris on the passenger seat. As the film fades out, Chris lets out a barely viewable smirk.

(Symbolism of Chris's future. Getting married, Microsoft, the move to Seattle)maybe I will go to Florida and film this. I will dress him up as a clown, he will play along. play along. this is the best idea I have ever had for a video...10 years from now it will be classic.

I laughed out loud at least 10 times... this will be funny!