my dad and wes on the old wrldmrine, thanks chris


erin and i are snorkling me off sombero light house in florida keys.on
a cat a moran.

i called chris holland three times and e mailed two places. if you know how
to get it touch with james tell him to call me on my cell cause erin and I are here to see him before he leaves


Suzy sold your book moments after I asked if she had sold any yet. The guy
said " yeah I had a look and this is going to be fun."
I've managed to turn all my friends that I used to make fun of for listening
to rap on to Metallica. I'm starting to regret it now. I liked it better
when they were all mine. I liked it better when I was "ahead" of the game.
Start saving up your money yames cause I'm gonna be in your hemisphere
before long. Maybe you can fly down to Ibiza and meet me. Speak some Spanish
and mingle with the jetset.
Today's Quote: "She loves me not she loves me still"

So long.