Kinda want to read these again... I hope they read my new stuff


Dear James,

Erin and your dad were out here this past weekend, and they gave me two
books of your poetry, "boy" and "first poems". Remember the poem
"peanutbutter boat trip and james the ant" about that disasterous trip to
Maine with your family? I remember that trip! Maxine and I watched the house
for you guys. That was in the late summer of 1982. I remember clearly coming
to pick the five of you up in Port Jeff harbor, and I never recollect any
bunch of faces with bigger smiles on them at the sight of home and LAND.
I think the most powerful poem in the bunch was "boat stories" Especially
the last two lines. It just floored me. Igot to work today sat at the desk
and just read. I showed my friends and bragged. Icould not put these books
down! There's just so many great ones "island girls", "eating literature",
"the professional". There's so many good ones. I could go on all night, but
it's late and I gotta' go. I really enjoyed so very many of them. I'd
really like to see you some time soon, James. My regards to Andrea and
Keep up the good work.
With much love
Your uncle Jimbo.