the play of light and dark


It was like we were throwing the darkness up against everyone we met in a reverse way. The darker it was the more feeling the more light we threw out there… it all felt very natural. You would meet me and only see the light, we were all light all the time. But there must have been batteries involved somewhere because it was exhausting.

We were constantly eating your darkness and turning it into light, like we were good at it and practicing, drinking on weekdays and taking in toxins to wake up and get you to work, a training camp of life and your sickness

We can see you even if you don’t see us, like some sort of siren to shipwreck, like some sort of simulacrum. We move and create space and opportunity for love to happen, the exhaust of it all into our lungs and skin over and over again to make the world a laugh.
For you to exist because everything needs a shadow.

back into our rooms crashing