to draw a lion


Lion lion, my shoulder is a lion, falling asleep in a volcano, falling asleep in a canyon, lion lionů.
The gas is underneath my skin
And the bird's fall swoop down to watch the movie with the sun in their mouth
And the antelope kisses a
Lion lion

Antelope under my shirt in my pants stupid and fast moving like a crazy dance
I asked you to stop when my mother crashed
but sometimes there is something bigger
like matt johnson with is stapled in place affluent teeth. somebody should've and super glued that smile shut
His girlfriend car shut
And then he flipped that over too
onto chris conleys head
and his ever clean finger nails

everyone drove out to see the accident
they dropped what they were doing not that they were doing much
to see the accident

I looked up his sister's dress with the lion in me
As she took a piss in the dead man's bay
We all smelled like campfire and waves crashed forever blindly over
Our shoulders
I knew the news but kept it to myself for I had stories to tell
That were all my own