ground poems


Thinking of Erin and Laura and I get it now
I can see them now/then
Their cute little cheeks and my little ponies
they were just kids with dirt smiles

I get it, looking at my own kids, they were kids too

Sometimes I was all caught up in the other things
And could have been a better brother actually asking them about their day, their friends. It just seemed like war all the time

The west side was the worst/best, it rose out of the ocean with eagles and whales and sun

Our family sanctuary collapsed, I would go to the laundry room and lay down on the floor with all the fresh cloths and think of habitrails and safety
it felt so good and soft and fresh and mom stayed on top of the laundry, not the folding or it, the production

It is amazing to me that they never saw this, the first time I realized I could change todays and tomorrows

Someday making a good dad