I control the information.


I build the things, that control the information. I build the Reminders, the EHRs, I train the staff how to use it. when you understand the information you become the most important person. Before it was monetary. The new currency in info. The new currency is no longer money, it is information. Healthcare has the most vital information of folks. Their wants, addictions, diseases.(in many ways is more predictive than an Goggle or Bing search, which is highly predictive)

You are sick (laughing)

Mom, I have never sold it, chill… we are nowhere near that. There are codes of ethics. It is a like a hackers mentality… the only people we are important to right now are the healthcare organizations themselves.

How is your sister laura doing?

Mom she is beautiful, Carter is beautiful, I felt so sorry for her because you couldn't watch this, you couldn’t watch your last child become who she is…. You clocked out early.

Don’t hold that against me Jamie, I tried…

Knock it off… I'm just saying.

What about Wesley?

Seriously, mom, you call him "Wesley" it is Wes… he is fine. That kid seems to be better than all of us. I am actually writing a novel that is based on Wes, Chris and I, if I never met kim and.

How is Shitgoose doing?

Chris is doing good, kind of yuppie now, he has a house in Issaquah. He is into the home depot and shit… still has the fire though, you can poke him and get it going!

You know what the fire is right?

Yes mom… it's fucking living

What do you call it?

Wrldmrine, are you listening to anything we are saying?