When Wes young he would genie drop from monkey bars and climb trees and make videos or take pictures that made him different than anything you have ever knew
I remember later being at a party, and he was leaning against the deck handrail holding a Lowenbrau and he just sort of leaned back more and jerked his whole body off of the deck, this sort of flip thing, all the girls screamed
Hello, he said from the ground looking up smilling
He would fall up and get up again twisting with legs and arms and smiles
When I was in Georgia, 1994, I got five laptops in mail, a large box, I didnít even know what a laptop was. it was a box addressed to me, from meÖ crafty
Wes, Frank, Ethan and me could beat anyone on the face of earth at foosball
It is all about angles
Wes had websites when there was only 100 in existence and he told me of this thing called napster
He draws pictures with light, plays chess and lives in Friday harbor. What a looser.
I didnít think Wes was a human until the world lost Ethan, Wes is human and unbelievable when it comes to humans.
We all are apparently, but he is better than our version.