the shits


oysters across the table..
The universe like a Chinese handcuff getting stretched, expanding, the atoms are relatively the same distance from each other as suns. Everything connected so far away, and as the universe expands the atoms must too and it pulls us all apart. This is dark matter, dark energy. Its the stretching.
Our thoughts are the same. They accumulate, they build and stretch and become uniquely alive like dreamless romans, a hazy tint of awareness. Releasing energy. Those weird things that happen.

I became interested in becoming interested.
There is a boy who contracts toxoplasmosis. The parasite manifests first in his ocular holdings then reappears as a manifestation across his amglada before orchid attachment to his pleasure centre. A cystual relationship goes sour, the toxo hijacks the wrong neurons, instead of having no fear, the boy feels nothing but love for... everything.
I feel nothing new, I just realized, every explosion in life is something new. When you leave home, when you love, when you join the army, go over seas... Marry, have kids move. You take pictures, make movies, add songs, paint and fuck.
New is the reciprocal of creation... It is us seeing the creation from a different angle and appreciating it.
That is the problem with traveling so much, the new slowly becomes mundane every hotel is a different mirror of you.
Get in at 5pm, shuttle to rental car, turn by turn chirping, charging your batter, check-in to your sports centre. Eat your hotel...
This a secret of tomorrows