I only sort of knew about the pot and I sort of only cared just a little bit, or not at all, it was Wesley’s thing, I didn’t know what he was really doing with it, nor did I care, and I trusted him to keep us out of it, he was not one to burden folks and there was no worry of him cracking under pressure. I don’t think any of us cared. We are too tired to care… but I must say it did raise the question, what the fuck else is Wes up too, but it was only for a second and realized I didn’t care about that either.

We were in another inlet, another beautiful inlet Chris finally figured out how to play music for all of us. we had an old tape deck stereo system that ran to speakers throughout the boat. Chris took an old pair of my head phones and somehow spliced them into some sort of input. Once he delivered sound it became all about an internet connection, which we didn’t have, luckily I was doing a lot of travelling at that time and because of lack of internet I was downloading all my songs directly to my phone. Hence all my songs quickly became common knowledge.
Foot notes.

Here is the jubilation play list. The RRRRR play list was this.
1. Windowlicker: Aphex Twin
2. Ersatz: Guerre Froide
3. Demain Berlin: Guerre Froide
4. In Motion: Trent Reznor
5. 808-Iraq: Boys Noize
6. Gax: Boys Noise (why didn’t they spell boys with a “z”)
7. Super 16: Neu!
8. Nightclub Amnesia: Ratatat
9. Die Slow: Health
10. Tunnelvision: Here We Go Magic
11. Trapdoor: Salem
12. What It Look Like: Spank Rock
13. Truth Ray: Thom Yorke
14. Shame: Young Fathers

The hip to the hop playlist was this
1. 4th Chamber: RZA
2. Brings Da Ruckas: Wu-Tang Clan
3. Brooklyn Zoo: Ol’ Dirty Bastard
4. Fish: Ghostface Killah
5. Hippa To Da Hoppa: Ol’ Dirty Bastard
6. Iron Maiden: Ghostface Killah
7. Labels: GZA
8. Liquid Swords: GZA (the best)
9. Poisonous Darts: Ghostface Killah
10. Shadowboxing: GZA

I know what you are thinking, but sorry, when it comes to Hip Hop, the top 20 is Wu Tang, puzzles.

1. Mince Meat: Danger Doom
2. Pencil: GZA
3. Life is a Movie: GZA (you should listen to this, insane if you like film)
4. Knuckleheadz: Chef Reakwon (this has a nice bounce)
5. Criminology: Raekwon (just worth it for the Al Pacino cut)
6. Earl: Earl Sweatshirt (I couldn’t believe a 15-year-old could talk like this, or think like this)

It was always seemed to be morning, or at least they had more impact, or we weren’t remembering the nights. The mornings were always sunny. I would wonder about photosynthesis, all this sun, all this water, all these trees. It seemed safe in every way. If the world went to shit I would move to (---) British Columbia. The Native art is insane, my theory is that they had such an awesome life, fishing for salmon, picking berries, abundance in trees for homes and fire. (We destroyed it didn’t we?) these guys had such a utopian society, with so much time that they carved totem poles, decorated houses, whole entire fronts of houses, long houses, they knitted quilts, painted hats, weaved seagrass into hats, carved hats, canoes.

Wes informs us that he paid Terry Kidwell, a local Friday Harbor Diver to replace all the zink plates on the Jubilation with some sort of “solid form of Hashish” or at least that is what he says. I start to wonder about the bilge, the mast, I wonder about the sails themselves.
The RZA plays Pencil over the stereo. It because quite apparent we are all onto something that we didn’t sign up for…

Chris farts.

I ask for the wine.