jumping docks


Wes drops the line. We are pulling out, Chris jumps on the dock grabs the line, Wes jumps off the boat grabs the same line. I am on the boat steering looking at these two idiots, holding the same line… like cocks in their hand. We are casting away. Here is how this works. We start the motor, we decide we are going to leave, and we untie. So here we are, we are untying, we are casting away and have these two boobs on the wrong end.
Get on the boat
Get on the boat
They get on the boat with jumps and wet sneakers. Are you fucking kidding me?
These guys are retards, but be are under way.
We are under way, so Wesley, tell me about all the weed you have stashed.
I don’t have any weed
No seriously, tell me about it, on this boat.
About 100 pounds
The keel, the mast, the bilge the crab pot
How much
100 pounds
No more no less.

Where are we going with this?
What do need from us?
Keep your cool