We were in (-----) Canada. We dropped the hook and wanted to head into town for dinner and beer. We fired up the Avon and were heading in when we found a boat just sort of floating around, two guys yanking on an outboard. For fun we pulled up next to them. Itís a sort of code on the sea when you see someone in distress. We joking asked them if they were all right, they joking answered back, with a couple of mother fuckers thrown into the sentence structure so we decided to tow them in. when we docked. They felt like they had to repay usÖ come on mates, this is our home down, come on we take ya in and show you a good time ah.

We followed them up to the restaurant. And ordered our beers, and food, their treat. Drinking and talking and telling jokes. Then there were these girls hanging out with us. they had these huge breast and hairÖ this is how it happened now that I think about it, but letís experience it in real time.

Wes: holy shit your tits are big, do you have back problems
Tara: (I learned her name later) no, never, think the trick is to get a big ass, balance.
Tara: whatís up with this guy, (chris and I both look) she is looking at chris and not at me.
Chris: I am just trying to be (he will never be)
Tara: hows that working out for ya?
Chris: so far so good, I am a little drunk (and he moves his hands around in the air, the movement suggest chaos)

There is nothing but NHL on TV they are serious about hockey up here
Tara: and what about you slick: (she is looking at me, I am on stage, watch me close) did these assholes tell you how we met them?

Tara: no

Me: whatís your friend name, (she is checking her phone)

Tara/Christina: Christina.

Me: Christina, Tara, again, how do you know these assholes.

The two stranded boat folks speak up, tell us to go fuck ourselves etc. (in good nature)

Wes gets into it and asks them what they think about China, I think.
Chris: all I know is that I am digging it. (seriously)

Me: so what do you do around here for fun? (this is telling, let me explain)

Christina and Tara now give me their full attention, here is the first thing I notice, they both start playing with their hair more. They are grooming and signaling. They want to get (-----) tonight. Wes nor chris catch thisÖ actually they get more drunk and they are talking to the stranded boat guys and the stranded boat guys are buying them more drinks.

I ask Tara to show them, she does.
I ask Christina to show them, she does
I ask Tara to kiss me and she does,
I ask Christina to kiss me and she does. I ask them if they want to leave and they say they do.

We are going, I am going home with these girls.
Chris asks me how I am getting back to the boat and I donít even think I care how I am getting back to the boat.

Understand I ask him how he is getting back to the boat, and he looks at Wes, Wes is now conversing with some large black woman. Chris tries to interrupt, but Wes just pushed out his arm in a Heisman like fashion.
Wes is most likely going to go get some, I am at least going to see some shit. Chris will most likely take the boat back. And this is where the weird shit happens. I just pay out the tab for all of us and drag us down to the boat and motor us back. I am tired, and we have a lot of shit that we now need to deliver. Letís not get side tracked.