is was


I don’t' know what it is like to be human anymore, I do… I want to know how it felt back then, when I was a kid, for the first time. Watching movies at night for those scenes. Crying on airplanes because… landing and arriving and always having to go to work and wake up over and over again. One of those faces that are all the faces altogether. You should have seen us men on the flights to Dutch, on the flights to Minot, our heads just bobbling in the turbulence of the plane and the things that we had to do upon landing for our families.

Movies I cried for this last week:
• Three times for the Man of Steel and I don’t even know why, it just came out of me in the weirdest moments

• Watching an episode of House of Cards (Clair's mother dies and I realize I don't know what it looks like when I was born from my parents or when they died)

• My own home movies

• Anything with children and mothers… they don’t even have to be doing anything, just making pancakes.

• Pictures of Reilly

Space James, Space… I say to you

And we a shuttling out and out and out. Look at me now. We are satellites of feelings. Bobble heads listening to the best tunes on our $400 head phones.

I want to make videos that ground this all out. I want to curate the songs like I did at KMXT and put them to real life edits of real life things such as life. They only bubble up for a moment but capture everything. To me this is human like a kid for the first time.