Come get your love. It’s over here. Still meeting you in shadows and taking/talking you out of your pants… I work in steel with good arms and teeth. I am here for you kim.

It feels like snakes and electricity working their way across my back and my mind.

Chris is a good kid, I can only see him running around and catching footballs or throwing them. I trust his instincts.

I see my mother, first with her hands running through my hair and rubbing my back.

I see my father showing me the stars and the books.

I see Wes just being Wes, in front of computer with smirk.

I see tiff getting Ice out of the Ice machine for a glass of water she wants.

I see these wants.

Chris wants normal I want you. I want normal and animals fighting in the night amongst glow sticks while filming it. I want life that I can film and show it as an absolute truth that you cannot deny that ever happened to us.

Let me do this.