Album track list


1. I am sorry for the________
2. We begin
3. I open her up like a can
4. It all comes out
5. Tears and love and childhood
6. The beach
7. The waves
8. We drink beer late into the night
9. Fire screaming
10. Thinking about the mountains
11. Strife
12. Test
13. Make no money
14. Call you up on the weekend
15. Drive to your place
16. Where I begin
17. In your arms
18. All these stars falling out of my head
19. Pet you like a cat
20. Music humming
21. Spitting and pissing behind a log.
22. Throwing our bottles out to sea just to hear the whistle blow
23. Built with weak foundations
24. Pulling from different directions
25. Stepping upon shoulders
26. Take my head off
27. spiral it underarm, like rugby, up into the air
28. The wind catches cold on my face
29. I smile, I spin
30. You pull me into your breast
31. My brain turning to shit
32. Sleep in late
33. Sun, sun burnt
34. Your milk on the nightstand
35. Meditation
36. Your skin next to me
37. a billboard sign
38. A star cluster of moles for me to pull together
39. Electric bills adding up
40. Hail
41. Maybe go out for breakfast
42. Walk around the lake
43. Listen
44. A movie & nachos with jalapeņos.
45. Laughing again
46. all the places we have never walked all the words we have never talked