kim kim


I saw you on hills with gobs of mountains pouring out of your mouth and river imagination… of this place of where from and you were blaming it on circumstance and I was your circumstance

and I can't let go and I couldn’t let go

Just following you into the light

You shaved your arms, or bleached them, you did things that were weird to me that I didn’t understand and couldn’t get over, everything about me couldn’t understand why you would change yourself or your hair, I wanted it to stay


I am in love with your young slender fingers, your left eye higher than your right

And your belly got big with kid, I would push my face into it over and over again you were always changing

And our hairs are getting old and jumping out of our beards with neutral colors, you clip them because they are straight and course, our backs open up to sleep, our kids open up to jumping on our backs and pussies and cocks by accident, they just jump

Sort of like when I jumped at you