the quickest way to know if you are stupid is run it up the flag pole and pass it by your wife. throw it in front of the people that care about you. they will humble the fuck out of you. they know you and the smell you leave in the bathroom, the toilet that you clogged, the hairs around the sink that you think you get but you miss

tell your kids while you are at it, they will laugh, ignore, pick their noses or interrupt you

you are nothing special outside of being just who you are

A father
A husband
A son

A joke/superhero at the same time. you want to know what really matters, eggs

make some eggs for your wife in bed, serve them to your kids, let them break them into the pan with egg shells and whites dripping down from the corner of the counter onto the floor, fuck it

Do you want to know what really, really matters

fake filming your kids with your stupid new smart phone as they ride their bikes over a pine cones and they ask you if you got it and you say yes, then they waddle over to you in their short stature and look for the play back and you have to make up an excuse and they have to do it all over again and you realize, fuck, and film everything that they do, and they watch it and you look at their face and you know what matters

and then you swim in it don’t you
Yes, that feeling of making them happy

when your dad posted of facebook “please change my password” and realizing he accidently thought the post box was some sort of facebook support line and it broke your heart

why don’t we hug more people

We should just hug everybody, let’s establish that, hug everybody while you are alive

start by hugging your mom and your dad, your grandparents if you can, catch them by the tail, ask them to play the video of you rolling over the pine cone. They will hug you back

And you will know what matters