Don’t think of my lungs enough, too much focus on livers and kidneys, I don’t think of my fingers enough, or my hands and what they touch. My eyes and teeth are smiling at you, hugs. My words are pretty good and I move my body this way and that way and try and stand far away. Walking, pacing constantly, working in computers is health systems, unlocking them, putting the pieces of the puzzle together, a colonoscopy here, a depression screening, DV, CVD, Alcohol… catch them if you can.
We catch them, we hold them in our arms for fleeting moments. I am here, you are here.
Our mothers and our fathers
Our children
Right next to you, we say, but in the end sometimes it just comes down to a memory of us touching our cheek against theirs
Are you alive now? I say, go touch your cheek to everything, trees, grass, humans and arugula, put your face against the placid stones of a beach or the hillside of Eklutna, the carpet or counter of you house, just rest it there, rest it against a coke machine if that gives you joy, just connect to anything, connect, connect.