All this shit we hear out there isn’t real. I met a woman who is running a healthcare facility and her annual salary is 20K, she has a master’s degree and is 100 times better than me. She is hard working, with kids… now we can say, why the fuck doesn’t she move, what’s her issue, it’s her own fault? She could move tomorrow and make 80k. I told her I would hire her. she has the skills. We could make real change. She does what she does because she cares about it, she wants to change the health of her people and she will suffer to do it.

As I spoke to her about what we can do she teared up. What am I to her? This thought of a better tomorrow in a sea to shit, impossibility of change. It is hard to speak on her behalf but I can speak on mine. What am I doing out here in the landscape? What am I worried about, if I get upgraded to first class, or if my phone can tell me what time to leave? What are real problems and where do you draw the line? Are you frustrated because you didn’t organize your media, or your nest app isn’t working the way you wanted it too? Bukowski once said, “the world is full of shipping clerks who have read the Harvard classics” I used to think it was because they were lazy or had no drive. That is not so.

The world is full of shipping clerks that are trying to make the world a better place that we happen to shit in… I used that word too much, but you get the point, because that is what you are doing, and perhaps what you are.