Visions of Chris


Chris has to be the greatest person I have ever known. Chris talked about fermi paradox (thank god) Perhaps ten years after I spoke of it, but he gets it now. I would say to Chris, you are ping pong ball and I am earth. I always wanted to meet someone like me. And I would have to wait and wait and wait… and somehow this little ping pong ball expressed itself in my great filter. This little turd sucker of a planet. “hey I have the nine deadly planets” he would say with tee shirts, I would say, “I have my own they are called worldmrine” he would say, “I love wrldmrine”

But do you have this, and I would write book of poetry and show him pictures and he would counter with videos of Florida and songs. I would come back with more songs and videos. I would say, how good are you at basketball?

To win I wrote a book about Chris, “Florida dreaming” he liked it.
We need more people like him in the world.