I want to get back to nature. I want to do it so bad that I don’t want to talk about it, as if it is ruining it to some degree. I think it starts with consumerism, which at its root cause is capitalism. Let's start by all the things that are corrupted by this.

Our educational system seems to be broken. If you had a choice, you would chose a private education, probably like the folks in Mexico.

Our corrective institutions, when did that happen, that we outsource correctional institutions to corporations that give money back to the cities and towns to exist?

Arts in general. In the music industry they create hit songs, a producer basically gives us the chorus not to bore us, they put it into an algorithm machine and sell it off to the highest brand… basically you have Beyoncé and Taylor Swith bidding on who gets to sing the song that they didn’t write to make millions

Movies are lost in America, how many action comic book sequels can you do? There is an algorithm to this too

Religion and these super crystal palaces, how the fuck did you get so far away from Jesus and Mohammad?

Food, who told us that you can't have chickens anymore, or have a raised bed, grow your own food, it is easy half the time. get your ass back in the store and buy some triscuts mother fucker!

Love, you don’t need a website or an app

Social, have you ever heard of a fire pit

Democracy, should be simple right, you vote for someone, that should count. Washington State just made the headlines because they voted for some candid at 77% and the delegate decided to go with that vote at the convention. Seriously, what where you going to do? 77% percent of our people choose hamburger A, so we as the delegate choose hamburger B!?

The American Indian? Do you know how they dealt with the "Indian situation" it was a think tank. It was a Machiavellian design to remove language tradition and culture. Check that off the list.

So let's reconstruct this on a Maslow human needs scale and you just tell me where pier one imports or home depot fits in…

Physiological needs: food, house, guns, fear, and all that other shit, do you own your house, where do you shop?
Safety (they are coming for you) more fear
Social: you need me to connect
Esteem: buy nutri-system you fat ass, you are not good enough, here is the edge… get a tan and whiten your teeth while you are at it.

Self-actualization, god no we don’t want this.

The bottom four layers a controlled my them. Really it is beautiful if you think about it, in business we like to call this "debasement" if you control the lower levels you don’t have to worry about self-actualization.

After Orlando there are gun dudes running around like they are the victim, I sat in room with these white guys, served their country, props, so did I, but they are really thinking they are the victim here? WTF,' they are going to take away all our guns!' "south park voice"

No one has ever taken away all your guns, yet this shit still happens, tell me again how you are the victim here? It is repulsive and disgusting to a 5 year old, let alone an adult human.

We have real issues… I don’t have time for this.

So the funny thing is just this… they are applying the "American Indian" solution to you and you don’t even know it. America is a trillion dollar economy that a few get to capture. We will call them the 1%. Congratulations you helped create that. Now that mentality is applied to you… again congratulations, you helped create that.

Here are some solutions.

Go wrldmrine

Get a raised bed, maybe after your house looks good and you have faith that you don’t kill everything in life, you will grow some food

Read more books for Christ Sakes

Write in a journal, this will help

Know your history, this is sort of read more books, but don’t be a sucker.

Walk, into nature, do it now, do it over and over again. Do it at night, do you see the starts? What the fuck happened to the stars?

Have you ever eaten an oyster? You probably should

Have you ever caught a fish in a river or killed a deer?

Build a deck (this is simple, it is just flat boards and such. Build a deck and you feel like you can do anything, almost like you can build a new life.)

When you talk to your kids bring it down to their level, by that I mean squat down to eye level, begin and end it with a hug

If you do these things all the other things up above are moot point.

cracks in the pavement.