I spend a lot of time trying to understand the human condition, right now it is about 50/50… me out there interacting, and me here in a hotel room just trying to figure out the rest. Without a doubt this is what I know.

Smile some more

Add value to what you just heard
Listen some more

Hug… this works, just hug folks, just meet people and hug them, oh god it feels so good, you hug someone and you don’t throw them under the bus, they don’t want to throw you under the bus. Hug more folks.


Don’t stress the small stuff

Move a lot, move around the room, move your hands, it helps your brain, be curious, always curious, be curious… what do you know about trees, stars, birds, plants, home improvement… probably not much there is a lot to learn. You could probably just dedicate whole decades to these things… all right, I sort of know the stars, from 30-40 I am going to learn about the trees, from 40-50 I am going to learn about birds… you quickly see that you don’t know shit and you will die

The more we see the seas, the more we set wider the shores of ignorance.

Perhaps I will understand my children and what it is to see true innocence, perhaps I will look them in the eye and feel my heart at the same time and become a peter pan with a tinker bell.

Women love fellatio and mutual bonds

I don’t know much, just be kind

We don’t have energy for much more