August 1st 2012

Wes was over against the wall, the window and looking out it. I donít even know how he moves or makes decisions in the world. I donít think I have ever seen him read a book. Chris is making some breakfast. He thinks he is the greatest cook, I donít have the heart to tell him he is not a great cook, just a practical one that hits the spot. What makes these guys tick? My best mates. What fucking makes me tick?

I think I know what I like. Music and sitting in front of a computer creating something. As if I could open it all up, but canít and perhaps never will.

When I look at Wes it is a fucking enigma, what makes this guy happyÖ chris is a little easier. He wants normal. Normal, normal, normalÖ sort of shit, but I donít know what it looks like.

August 3rd 2012

We pulled the boat into half moon bay British Columbia and dropped the hook, there is nothing around here so we are left at our own devices. Wes rows out and throws a couple of crab pots down. After this chris takes the skiff to shore and gathers some driftwood for the back deck hibachi. Wes then calls him a retard and rows the boat back to shore and harvests some oysters from the rocks, he strips some muscles of off some abandoned cannery pier before returning. It is sunny. I take all the sails out of the for deck and open them up across the bow, there is mildew and fucked up stiches that I fix. All the stanchions seem to be loose so I tighten them. We need water, drinking this much booze. I ask chris to row in and get some aqua from the water fall. He has two 5 gallon jugs. We will still boil it or add iodine in order to not catch some beaver fever. Chris gets the barbeque hot, Wes pops the Bivalve Mollusks and we eat the fuck out of them with some Sriracha sauce and lemon, that is all we had.

August 4th

The craziest thing happened today. Chris was cooking us some eggs in the warm summer morning light and we heard this bangÖ the whole boat shook. At first we didnít know what it was. I ran up to the bow and right there in front of us was a giant unmarked reef. Wes quickly tied a buoy to the anchor line and cut it loss, I started the engine and backed it off. Who would ever think that we would be the first to find this. We motored away in happiness.

August 5th

We are crossing the Queen Charlotte straights and everyone is sick. I am a little ok, but still felling it. It must be because of my upbringing, but this is pretty crazy and I understand it. we are bobbing out in the sea swell. There is a boat off to the port of us and we watch it appear and disappear, look at the horizon boys, I keep saying, but they keep looking down and Wes pukes and Chris Pukes. To give them points they both laugh. It made them feel better.
That is the worst though and I think any seafaring folk has to go through it a couple of times. After the crossing we will be in sound. It is more oysters and good eats. We arrive at 7pm on a warm summer night and both these buys look pale.

August 6th

Our next stop is Waglislia, and Indian reservation. Bella Bella boys. Get ready to fish. From here on out we are on the inland passage. A place where my father once took me.