What separates the men from the boys is just this. I can write, about tear drops on breasts, have you ever seen that?

The ones you caused

Or drinking bottles of Chateau Lafiite Rothschild 2000, in Belgium…

Not to be arrogant, but our family never realized they were smart until they went out into the world. I never knew I was different until I joined the army.

Be wary of any town or household that doesn’t have books…

I have no credentials. No degrees or weird letters behind my name, just my books. I have seen the foraging child on warscapes looking for a mother, and witnessed the joy of finding a mayonnaise packet for food. The stupidity of humans getting tied up in all the wrong shit as the smart ones take it all away, I have watched bloodlines and stars do their things. Survival seems to be all around us, but what is also around us is the answer, nature.

The trees, the river, the sun…. at its basic, the aphid, the oak the sycamore, aspen families, leaves and dirt.

Here is a dinner for you… oysters, go and get 50 of them at close range with cold water hands and plastic buckets and take them back to your loved ones… watch your mothers smile, and throw them on the hottest grill, 600 degrees at least to make them pop. And have some Tabasco, lemon cut, sriracha, parm and wasabi or horseradish… your women will love you and love and love you for this.

Here is another one for you, get those fish, the salmon are running, the deer are hoping over galvanized barb wire fences. Their little balls and big hearts and livers filled with zinc… get some fucking chickens. That girl you like, pull her out of her car crash and mesh her up into your arms, maybe she will save you. watch her swim in fridge cold waters and let her get out of the ocean freezing and curl up into the blanket and fold herself into your fat body. She will jerk you off with the sauce of life. Coconut oil or mayonnaise. Just be real.