to the birds


Running across snow. Until my knees feel weak and the sky does this thing where it punches down into the tree line.

All these birds on my shoulders that kept on chirping. I don’t know what it is about the birds, but I can get them to follow me, I pick ravens out of the sky and know a seagull named chopper. And sometimes I stand in the yard and watch them fall upon my arms. Like my kids.

I always thought about seeing all these amazing things I see. Connecticut, Montana, North and South Dakota, Florida, Texas and few times with my sister’s rhymes.

Minnesota, California, New Mexico.


As the rain falls…

That moment in Homer with me and my wife and my kids… and there were all these seagulls that I whirled into frenzy with a few fake food throwing actions…. I like the birds of our storm.

I don’t even think they saw it.

And I kissed her with her heart in her sleeve and my kids arms all sorts of tied until our bodies are just being what they want to be in 2010.

2010 up and over again with the swing set and high fives…

1979, as the night falls. And I don’t even care… I felt so good listening to the Smashing pumpkins,

It just felt like I could be my own self, have a family and a wife and kids. And then I had you.

I would watch the ravens different and the seagulls do their own things… I thought if my mother and my father doing their own thing, with the birds.
to the birds....