tell me what it looks like


The first step to blinding someone is getting them to open their eyes. Really offend them and see what happens, see how they react.

A tip of the hat, a name perhaps. To do this you have to listen to understand and ask all the right questions all the right time to all the right people. You can tip the hats of the greatest organizations if you understand this.

If you can do this with whole organizations, people are easy after this. Tip the hat, see where it takes you.

People and their ridicules outfits are mostly apart of something that is bigger than them that they don’t truly understand, a belief that they are buying into our want to be a part of. If you believe in nothing, this suites you quite well…. You are independent to a degree.

Maybe form your own company.

Just a thought. But form your own company so you can act more independent. Tell them what is really going on.


Make war.