Wesley, I have you and Ethan over here with all this music. Tonight it is Ratatat, last night it was Zelda on Nintendo, the night before that james bond 007, it is always something in here in my mind.

It was like we were building Ewok villages again between all the trees and Sue was mad about all the lumber and purposing of the lumber, “we want to make an Ewok village” it seemed to make so much sense, why didn’t she want to do it… and running up to the shop to carve Christian Hosoi skateboards on franks band saw.

And we where
You where

Just sort of going with the mix and now trying to carve skateboards on the band saw and you had Levi’s awkward freestyle deck, what the fuck do you do with that, and why does Levi have freestyle deck. Ethan always seemed to be chill on the futon when we watched a video of him giving it to Genn… and we are just there.

He lived.

And he was there. And we put these things in our minds. We flutter them against light shades and see how they look…. We flutter brothers and sisters…

I awake with this sort of scream in my head. Like some soft snow fall, of dreamers

And all the places I have been here and Kodiak, the rivers the mountains and kicking fish out of them. Girls with skirts and all these things that I cannot think of.