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This photo was taken late one night after a party. It was actually the night Beth and I broke up. We went out to this party up in the hills and started telling everyone that we broke up. Beth rarely ever drank, which was hard on our relationship because I was pretty much an alcoholic. It was becoming a constant problem in my life and in my work and everyone wanted me to stop after I totaled my mother’s car. So that night there we were at this party, both of us drinking and telling everyone that we had broken up. I was trying my damndest to make it clear to Beth that I didn’t need her so I started dancing with this younger blond girl who was into me. We danced and then began to kiss. And I made sure Beth saw our actions. Why didn’t know at the time, was that another guy, who was even drunker than me, was into this girl. He had some kind of crazy like crush for her. Later when I went to the John H Crapper, this bumped into me. I said some back to him and he turned around and started going of on me, giving me the whole, “you want to fucking go mother fucker” with out hesitation I drilled him one. I was trying to catch him mid-sentence when his mouth was open, with a sort of hook. What I was trying to do was break his jaw when, you know just sort of slide it off its hinges. His jaw didn’t break but went down. I thought I had knocked him out, but apparently I hadn’t because he jumped up and charged and full on tackled me. Both of our bodies spilled into the living room and over the couch, some how I ended up on the bottom. This guy began to pound on my head, I dodged most of them absorbing the blows with my skull… at this time I heard Beth screaming at the top of her lungs… “get off of him you mother fucker!” and I knew right then and there that she still loved me, that breaking up with me was just an idle threat… soon the party jumped in and pulled this guy off of me… his face was broken up pretty bad and felt sorry about everything, I felt sorry for Beth, that I humiliated her, that punched this guy, that I was such a fuck up. Anyway, on the way home Beth and I decided to walk, since we were both horribly drunk and lived with-in walking distance. On my forehead I had this cool little cut that was trickling down blood. So I decided to take a picture. Of course Beth was as beautiful as ever and we looked like we were meant to be.