When I light up the road, I am a rich man and my wife hates me over and over again. And I am laughing at you, me skin seems to be pulling down upon my face and I was thinking about all these books that I would write about you. or read about you.

My limbs just sort of punching their way through the night, but my fingers were on point. Into your center

I wish I could be the machine that puts iron and magnesium into your heart and all the things that I need like soft spinach salads and fish oil pills

I was over here rocking out on all these songs the way I look at the world… as you left town with your hair all that way and I was like

I got this sense about me, the savant thing, about the way everyone looks and does their thing

Shake me up
Shake me up

god I want you to shake me up

I wanted you in all the nights to shake me up and take me out of this.