dick fredd is good for something


chris (tiff) has been generous enough to let wrldmrine name his (her, yet she doesn't know) little bundle of joy. since chris (tiff) is waiting to find out the sex, we are going to have to develop boy and girl names. I(rich, call me dick for short)will start the list. chris said he wants an original name and to skip anything considered common for 21st century short white balding americans.

#8 – christopher-topher (chrissy the third) [2002]
#10 – harry richard(dick) holland [1880]
#10 – donald holland [1925]

ethnic, and there for cooler and more rap like:
lamond, tishaun, leroy, tyree, laquan, tyrone, diego, jesus, fernando, pepe, pablo, javier, malee, femalee hot ....

bert holland
and therefore ernie holland
and therefore grover holland
and lastly oscar holland
hank holland
homer holland
woody holland
belgium mike holland

popular girl names
#3 – hannah banana holland [2002]
#5 – minnie holland [1880] – get it, hollands are small people…minnie…nevermind
#9 – bertha holland [1881]
#5 – ida doa holland [1885]
#10 – bessi holland [1887]
#9 – mildred holland [1917]

ethnic, and there for more likely to star in a mike meyer's film
shawntika, taheesha, lawanda, beyonce,

debbie does holland
barbie does ken, yet ken is doing hawaiian ken holland

****so everyone submit their (your) entries and NAME CHRIS (tiff) HOLLAND’S BABY