I like the darkness, like to push up against it, push myself up against it, I donít think folks know what it looks like. In Bosnia we seen some darkness, in life we see what it looks like when we run into divorce and kids that you sort of forget that you never want to forget.

We see it Gavin

That is the darkness, New Orleans is the darkness because it wants you to forget. Las Vegas is the darkness because it wants you to become something that you are not

Seattle and Portland want you to become something else, they donít want you to forget

It still feels good to push up against it, and know that all the girls want to kiss you and all the boys are afraid to fight you

As you sit back in your bed with the world spinning

Hey darkness, I left you at the door again, dumped you. hey light, my wife my kids, I have pictures of you on my cell phone, a place that I can always get back to