Its hip to write poetry in all these abstract ways. You literary have all this poetry and communication here on wrldmrine.com because we could write like this, we could express ourselves in abstract ways… but the same way all our comedians have become voices of reason. poets do to.

No more shit fuckery.

There is a fear with-in me that haven’t felt since 911 and that seemed to be a farce.

Let’s go through it
Black lives do matter. They aren’t asking for much, sort of just saying, hey, we matter. If you have problem with that you are fundamentally not American.

When people protest in the streets about an outcome and you’re against this, you are fundamentally not American

You have hatred in your heart let it out, white power… You pussy…

the only thing that gave me hope is the fact that black America has lived under this shit for years, I need to get more black. I am going wu tang from here on out. Thriving.

Lets talk about how dumb these fucks are, they believe that dinosaurs don’t exist and global warming doesn’t happen.
At the end of the day we have to carry these folk’s on our shoulders, we have to extract them from the flame, they were middle class and tame.
Are you ready