I remember driving all around Ireland like a bat out of hell. My father and Laura arrived in Dublin and they had some rental car. My father got off the plane 100 miles an hour.

“hey Jamie how are you doing, I have rental car, we need to go get the rental car”

“how are you doing?”

“I’m great, Laura, where are the bags, I’ll get a rental car.”
“slow down”

We got the rental car and he smashed it into the exit gate before we even left the parking lot

“these people don’t know how to drive”

We moved out of Dublin, I navigated and yelled. We made it out. After about his tenth time turning into oncoming traffic I took over all the driving.

My mind just shifted, left was good. When in doubt go left, it was like a video game. I was meant for this.

I drove us deeper into the madness, we delved into Tipperary and then south to Cork. Apparently we are from Tipperary and all the people had to tell us how to say our name.


Or something weird like that

We drove to Cork. And went over all these weird hills and saw all these sheep spray painted, we got to the top of Connors pass and my father said to me…

“I once hung out with all these girls and we were drinking all night and I must have like 15 long island ice teas.” He puked.

And I said to him

“I am alive and well”

I got into that weird driving car and drove us all down into Dingle. My sister Laura was in the back seat.

In Dingle we spoke of mother. I laid her all over the racks and Laura was offended. Dad of course agreed with me. So anyways she took off. We were at this pub and there was music and she took off with all the musicians at the end of the night. Dad and I went back to the B&B drunken bodies, and around midnight he said

“Jamie, I am worried about your sister”

So there I am in the car driving on the wrong side of the road. Into the darkness.

I go to the pub, “have you seen her” “yeah she took off with the band”
I drive into the night all around dingle, into droid ruins, into myself.
I couldn’t find her, I came home and slept

We woke up… “ did you find her?”

“where is she?”

“I don’t know”

She showed up. crazy with dogs barking

I think my father understood my sister and my mother at the same time.

but never me