i can feel the wind and the clouds


I feel like it is that I am cracking myself out of the human experience. As if I am
Falling down and I am waking up over and over again… watching all these videos.
My teeth and my all these things about me think thinking about what it looks like as I get this. And I miss you…
I get cody
I get Wesley
I get chris
I get kim
I get all the tribes I work with
I get tom
I get it…
Hey, don’t look at me this way as if im the one that is not the same.,
I am the same as you.
Tonight I fall asleep in our town and I fall asleep knowing it is all good. You guys got all this shit you have to think about.
Am I completely cracking up again. These kids don’t know what it looks like. Love looks like that girl that comes in the middle of the night and says “james” I got you.
I got you
“and when we go back to Friday harbor we will run the things that these people run.” We will run them all drunk on Sunday mornings and we will complete this…
I get Wesley
I get cody
I get chris…
I get sue….
My mother, what do you look like? something soft and tomorrow. Do you have oysters, I ask of you? what do they look like, can we take them off of the grill? We take and love these things and cannot stop thinning of you.
We like the oysters, as much as we love our mothers. As we eat them we are taking in all our mothers and fathers that long have left us… they have gone over seas and went out over oceans. Wes come on now, frank is where? my father is dead. Where is your mother?
She is Sue.
We get this and wrangle this into the night. Wes wrangles this into the night? My mother and my father as they fall upon the stars. Don’t look now.
But he gets you and loves you.