The problem with Facebook is you only post aces.
It seems like you never post you fighting with your wife pics, or when your kid was in the hospital and you questioned all. If you do, everybody has two cents.
I was talking to my uncle jimmy tonight, his father, my grandfather was an Ad Man. He had a lot of great insight.
“Facebook is like this crazy thing that you can signal for free, that is the Genius of it all, you used to have to buy shit, a BMW, a VW, a Kitchen aid to signal that you had shit, that you were ok, Facebook came out for free and you could show all aces, when you sign up it says, free, always will be, I love that”
“say free one more time”
“I am not going to, I just dig the democracy of it”
“you know it works off an algorithm?”
“yeah I figured that much, my wife was sick and I was praying a lot and probably talking to all these cats on the phone about hospitals, the thing is, most of the hospitals on Long Island have some weird Catholic thing behind them… what I noticed was I had these religious things showing up on my post”
“how is she”
“not good”
“what does that mean?”
“her pancreases is rejected”
“it’s ok, you kids been through a lot, don’t worry”
“but I want to worry”
“you kids have been through a lot, do you remember when your mom ‘twisted’ her knee, she came to this hospital, this very same hospital that we are at now, I said to Pam “I have been here before” and she said “what do you mean?”
“it was when Ellen twisted her knee, and then I called Jamie and he said it was a softball accident, sliding into first.”
Yeah, a softball accident!
We just getting ready to tune our lives up and fuck this all up… we are the youth getting ready to explode. Watch us on Facebook. Aces