make it last


I feel youÖ mostly I just look at you and listen. Itís complicated, I get it. These first times. Spending a lot of money on a TV, a car, family a house, a lawn, teeth, haircut. So on and so on. What do you have?

You watch the old videos and see your skin jumping out of bones

You listen to the old songs and hear all the old girlfriends

You watch all the old movies and see all the deleted scenes

You call up your mom, your sister, your father, your uncle, your best friends because that is all you have and donít have anymore, you donít know what you have do you

Their language is cool like cold knifes into your side turning all your ideas over and over again

I call Erin, but she doesnít answer, I call Laura but she doesnít answer I cant wait to tell them

Rain down

I already got this shit figured out

trust me