My father always had all this sort of weird skin hanging off his face and all of this dandruff. And my mother always had all these things that she could give us, cookies, food, love… I had all these things all over and all over again. Working shitty construction jobs in Friday harbor and being completely lost to everyone.

It felt like I was throwing myself out into it over and over again right in front of them.

I was crashing girls and lifestyles, just throwing it in their face. Let me shake you up, let me be something. I would say to them…

And throw myself out there.

My mom got me some new tires on my car…. My dad left me 200k
It was just a laugh

I have quickly tried to recover it all, get my father, get my mother, it was like a big eraser was just behind them… hey fuck wad you want this, sorry it is gone, it is gone, it is over and over again gone. They are gone.

I have something through, a new invention. My new mother my new father.