What is gravity? I mean we have Newton, an apple falls. But this is hard to explain so he finds the language to explain it, actually this guy is so smart he invents it at the age of 25, but then Einstein comes along and says “space and time” and thought of them together. Moving in this curved space time is because space and time itself is curved. But what is it? A name, what is it. Just because you can name something do you know how it works. And yes you can even have physics explain it, and we still launch rockets to other planets using Newtonian physics, but that doesn’t mean we understand it. This is where the Feynman technique comes in… but better yet, lets look at things at a smaller level, can you explain E=MC2 at a small level? Just as Einstein came over the top of Newton, there will be new Science to come over the top of Einstein. That is a given. Some of the new science happens to be very fun, let’s take a look.

1. Is gravity information? Gravity itself is information? think about this. The more information you have the more gravity you have. how does that relate to the planets in our solar system? Jupiter has amazing gravity, it is gas. I don’t know if we can apply it there. Black holes, we can apply it to. The best part of reading Stephen Hawking back in the day was, that he said something cannot-cannot exist, that means if a star folds into a black star, where does the information go according to Einstein? How does it exist. This is complicated when it comes to times arrow. It is death really if you think of it. You are a star, you exist, you are sucked into a black whole, did you exist? Of course you did, where is your history? Is it star light? Is it in the memory of the observer? If that is so all of history might be screwed because only our little bit of conscientious in all that we can discover is observing (quantum physics again having a big role that we know nothing about.) if this is so let’s talk about so a star exists, it is there, and then it I gone. Nobody observes it. This is the weird part, does it exist?

2. conscientious only comes from complexity, for a long time we believed this. In a very egocentric way, we are the only conscientious things out there and we are looking for more conscientious things out there. But how did we get there? Ken Wilber talks about the Integral Theory. This is great for complexity, and entropy… for slow moments in time things just happen to come together, you have matter, from matter you biodiversity, from this eventually you thought, thought is this thing called the Noosphere. Jung touched it a bit with collective consciousness. But what is it. It seems that people, human mortals can only talk about it a little. This might actually touch on something from above. If Conscience only comes from complexity, then that might mean that the Sun itself is conscience. if you really think about all that is going on with the sun, there is physics that we will probably never know, but could it be possible that a sun itself thinks. There is something interesting about stars, there are hotter stars and colder stars of course, if starts of a certain size and mass are expected to behave a certain way, then why don’t they? To put it simply, we have stars moving them selves into position regardless of size of rank. (feel bad about those cats near a black hole)

3. if stars might have thought if you will. If humans have thought, if gravity could be considered thought, than how does the information move, how does it talk, how does it “feel” when we talk about spooky mechanics of quantum physics and we know that much of the universe is dark matter. I propose to you that maybe that is it. We are connected to the universe via dark matter. Our own thought, is some how connected. We might just very well be connected at such a level that we can not only move mountains but stars and eventually reverse time. We will never get there of course because we are two busy playing xbox.