kim erin and i running in FH


I was constantly listening to Radiohead In Rainbows it was 2007 and 2017 with Kim sanding a glulam at some rich persons house we were working on and today. I am constantly listening to this it, has never floated away like friendship or ex-wives, nothing ever floats away! That is what I realize. With my sister running the turn point 8.8 with me, past all these houses, with my wife, my fathers house off there on the left, so many memories. Erin and I get it. My wife just plowed though to the finish line and she beat us. As we look at the yard.

“who do you think owns it now?”

“I don’t know”

“that is where we grew up”

“it is…It was”

“it is still ours in some weird way, right?”

“when it will not be?” Erin

We walked up the rest of the hill thinking about all the times we walked up this hill. Into the fairgrounds. This is the part were I started acting like I was a runner Erin acted too. We just ran it in. at the finish line was Bruce Williams and he saw me and said “JAMES” and I just ran past him. To where the water was. It was the fair, they had corn dogs and other things.

I held her hand, and then my wife's.

the things I love.