now now


This is the weird thing. You are going to die. If you are a luck everyone else around you might die first. It is pretty much a zero sum game no matter how you look at. But here is number one problem about our very short time on earth, what do we do with that time. So when you die or getting ready to die, the one thing that people sort have this universal realization is that maybe they wasted the wrong time thinking about the wrong things when life was normal. There are very few people who have some how lived outside of these bounds, that life wasn’t necessarily normal for them. They might be the best equipped for what life actually is (the non-normal folks)

These normal people, its not necessarily that they regret their lives, its just when they looked back at it, maybe they “cared” about the wrong things. We all know that this day will come. You will lose a mother, a father perhaps, you will eventually lose yourself. You know this at the core.
The reality of your life is always now
The past is memory, a thought bubbling up into the now, the future is exactly this same, a bubble of what can be. The horror of this is that we win when we think of both of these things, we are rewarded. perhaps by luck, “don’t love again, you might get hurt, don’t invest in this because our future might not work out” These little things help us to live long, but what is living and what is long if you are never in the now.


Walk down the street, walk down any street. Say hi to random people that you pass by and every time you say hi imagine all the things that are going on these people lives, don’t you want to know more? This is connection, this is now.

When you do this, everything starts to become beautiful. There is so much beautiful out there and it exists in the now, it exists in the connections you make. The “now” is connection. Connection is infinity, so you can exist in the infinity and be happy off of this simple principle.

Be Cody, be Colby… be Wes.

You all know that cat, that person that just runs through life and is always happy, they are living in the Now, but if you pay attention, they are engaging constantly with everyone around them. they are not in the past, they are not in the future, they are totally in the Now connecting with people, and guess what, they are happier and will live longer than or without you.

Be that person, everywhere you go, talk to the people around you, smile, laugh crack a joke and just have good time, this is the now. Keep doing this. Everybody has all this “now” and all this happiness that they want to release.

Laugh out loud, it will get you places faster.
Your world will change, trust me. Change the world