I was thinking about the in and out pendulum swing of societies. It is easy in hindsight to see it, but I never thought we would be in it. I was first thinking of one thousand and one nights, which I read in secondary school. It was more like Game of Thrones., Grimm tales or what you will. When you read this real thing, they are darker than you could ever think.
It was such a nice thing at 22, when talking about Iran,” it is a pendulum swing, societies go through this”, and we would always say something like (from the last article that we read) there is more young people in IRAN than there is anywhere in the world. it seemed inevitable, the old were losing power, the young were coming and instead if flipped the other way we thought, it is just a matter of time… but soon those young people will become older people and they are still alive and they might just say fuck it to smokes, booze and sex.
We felt so smart.

I think my point is sometimes, a China, an Iran, a Russia can lock it down. This is where I feel America is juvenile, we never cut the head off the King. We are forever teenagers of history. I mean shit, look at all our disruption? It has nothing to do with the rest of the world, that is just a peripheral affect. MTV, Hip-hop, Nirvana, Napster, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook , Instagram, Air B&B, Lyft, UBER… was something parental. Something like “you have to do it this way” and they were all like, “fuck you baby boomers” the hard part is they sat back and watched the dingus-dumb millennials take credit for it all because they just happened to be brainwashed enough to use the tools that Gen-x created to lift yourself out of these primordial slumps.

So going back to a teenage culture, and never chopping the head off of the king. If you watched Game of Thrones you can sort of get it, because we never did it. Every history up to that time had to just that, kill the king, we dumped a bunch of tea and ran around like teenagers on the hillside attacking redcoats. It was called “guerilla warfare” it was called “fighting Indians like Indians” and we were doing a lot of that. But really it was us just never growing up. the fact that we came out of this with one of the greatest documented ever to exist shows the power of youth. And it allowed us to keep being forever kids. As we moved west and committed some of the largest genocides ever to exist of on the planet earth. Most people would answer the holocaust, but today we are now looking at 20million with direct contact, 100 million displacements for the American Indian, we don’t even talk about it, we have to have art films to deal with it. Here are some for you.

1. The Shinning
2. Room 237
3. Wind River
4. Smoke signals
5. revenant
Here are some books
1. The lone ranger and tonto fist fight in heaven
2. Dalva
3. Sundog
4. Winter in the blood
5. Fools crow

Until we all fold ourselves up again. I have been around some of the smartest Indians, doing their own thing, and some of the average Indians doing all their own thing it all seems to better that all my best friends own thing.

I want to be an average Indian.

So I can say, and say over again, I tell all my friends, it is this away to overcome.
There are no real songs here. I have a couple

tom mix died for our sins (that is a book so you know)

these are real songs. That exist in my shadow night.