Was always different. Where Finn was loud, fast and energy, Reilly was slow, calm and calculating. Finn seemed to manifest himself climbing onto counter tops at 11 months and running into walls and smashing himself into the world and us

Reilly seemed to be this little soft spoken angel, he was so relaxed, just there, just this soft smile. The family pictures were the best, Finn learned to smile real big, Reilly just sort of smiled naturally at a baby, to this day, I donít know where that comes from? Maybe he was that far ahead of us

So we had are little boys and we would take and take pictures of them just and young people do with young families, but there was something we noticed, whenever we took a picture of baby Reilly, one of his eyes were perfectly red eye from the flash and one wasnít

We knew something was wrong, so we took him into the doc and they quickly diagnosed him and asked to look at Finn the older brotherÖ sure as shit, Finn had something wrong with this eyes as well

Both of our boys needed corrective glasses, the thing was, Reilly was way worse off than Finn, but we caught it early enough that we might be able to change it. Finn however, his brain adapted to this new eyesight and he might always need glasses

I really donít know where we stand today. It seems to me that Reilly has a very hard time seeing without his glasses and will never see as I see. It seems to slow all of his movement and play, even skiing. And Finn can sometimes go hours without glasses and run just as fast as he ever did.
But here is what I know

Finn is very sensitive and thoughtful, Reilly is wicked smart and also this MAA caged fighter. They are completely different. Finn will run up and hug me 25 times a day, Reilly will draw all these awesome pictures and punch Finn for second guessing him. 5, and 7Ö here we go in parenthood!