tee shirt ideas


1. I am not who you think I am: tee shirt idea. And I am not who you think I am until I take off my tee shirt.

2. The shit goose says adios with the msn messenger icon. Chris is the shit goose: tee shirt idea

3. Hand gun that looks so real, that when you put your hand next to it while in the bank, you can hold 'em up, then as you are leaving the cops will arrive, and maybe even a swat team with snipers located on near by roof tops, and they will yell at you through one of those hard to hear megaphone speaker things, “put down your weapon.” But all you can do is put down the money... “I said drop the fucking weapon!” and you would be like, “I can’t... you don’t understand, it is my tee shirt, I swear to god... I got it online from wrldmrine.com... it is a picture of a gun.... not a real gun” then of course you are shot dead: tee shirt idea.

4. The-this is not a real gun, and don’t want to rob your store: tee shirt idea.

5. Nigga please: tee shirt idea.

6. The Cosmopolis Summer Recreation Program has opening for a Director and 2 Assistants. Applications and Job descriptions can be obtained at Cosmospis City Hall: tee shirt idea.

7. I have been saying “nigga please: entirely too much: tee shirt idea.

8. I need to move out of my small little apartment, move down to the beach and start running every single day. Get buff. Call her up, don’t be afraid. Make love: tee shirt idea.

9. Damn coitus interruptus: tee shirt idea.

10. The orographical: tee shirt idea... across your breast.