mom and mom


I cant want to manage what it looks like when my mother and father passed away. I was sort of there with text messages from my sisters. Let me read them…
“hey Jamie, Laura just called me she is all freaking out”
“what let me call Laura and I will call you back”
I call Laura
“I have never seen mom like this she is dead, I don’t know what dt do so I am walking the dog”
A dog
I called jim

“jim what is going on, I don’t know Jamie but it isn’t good, she is not coming back from this. She is not coming back I have seen this before.”
I call up Erin
“Erin, I think mom as passed”
“laura says she is gone, Jim says she is gone, they are weird.”
That is the short story… the long story is everything I said to erin.

mom is gone