songs and songs


B’s 5th is always a good way to start the night. You want to tackle things, get down to the gist of it. Seeming so spatiotemporal.
I can never write, I just listen.
But after that, it moves more Irish… these cats know how to have a good time, its good to play a song like Devils Dance Floor, then perhaps slow it down a bit with Tonight, Tonight…
You might be primed. There is such a good line in this song, “believe, believe in me” after that it is all rubbish.
Just believe in me. I would say to Kim… it slows down nicely “tonight”
Move into something a little more upbeat “showdown boxin” GZA here are some good ones that stick with me driving all around America.
“if you don’t like a dick up than fuck ya”
Then I like to move to Ween… so many people in my neighborhood. A little Window licker by Aphex Twin… maybe make a video of my kids running around in Hawaii
But there are songs that stop me dead in my tracks “Alsatian Darn” where the beat just keeps growing until you have something to say… it comes out of you, all of your family all of your love just hoping that they hear you out in space from the international space center, looking out of a small window, I love you. Say what I want to say… I say what I want to say…I say this

There are other songs.

All for the Best by Thom Yorke… when the drums kick in, the first clicking, the guitar. “you are so beautiful it seems on a long a lazy morning… and where I see you rocking back and forth whispering that it is all for the best…
The drums again. Promise me son you will not do the things I have done, walk away from trouble…
Say you love me. say love me. over and over again.
Let’s just say you love me.

Well now I am ready… but wait

I know what I know by Paul Simon.