books and plane songs


Songs are weird, they are like books, you can read books, once, twice even three times, you mostly don’t know why your read them the first time, there might have been something there, so after a few years you pick it up and read it again. Still nothing but there is something, you just don’t know what it is, the 3rd time is a charm. Songs are different in the way, and the way we consume music is even making it a longer stretch, but sometimes you can listen to a song 100 times a get it. Here is a song I just got.

[insert song here]

I am learning new ways to move people, I have learned a lot from quantum loop theory and in general quantum mechanics. I have spent many years trying to understand what all this stuff is, I don’t think we even know what we are.

What is time? did you know if you live on a mountain and another lives on the ocean time moves different for each of these folks. You age faster the further you are from a mass, times moves faster. Same with motion. Be high and move fast and you shall know our velocity.

we can almost substitute the word "gravity" with "time" you fall into time.

I spend so many hours in a plane looking down over it all. Every week there is a new plane and new place, the airports are all the same, but the views change, sometimes there are snow storms down below, clouds, rain, sun… I can now make out almost all of the united states from the sky. I can fall asleep on a plane, wake up and tell you where we are… I know all the rivers, mountains, lakes, I know that every time you cross over Montana and cross the great riff the plane will have some turbulence. I know the best place to eat and shit in the Minneapolis airport. The best way to get to the rental cars, the best hotels..etc.

Here is what I can tell you. Life is a vibration. A blur of everything. Just like it is in quantum physics, the same applies here, there is no black and white, there is no understanding when it vibrates, when it blurs, is all “probability” the probability of this the probability of that.

But the more important thing as we know from the greats is it is all about how these things interact with each other, in physics they call this “fields” so lets take earth as an example, honestly can you explain gravity to me? the average person can’t because the average physicist has difficulty. We just know it has to do with how mass moves through space and time. it warps it. I like to imagine trying to push a watermelon through a garden hose, the stress it creates is most of the stuff that Einstein was trying to figure out and now the modern quantum physicists are trying to figure out why it doesn’t exist at the lower levels.

At the lowest level everything is both, everything is both here and there at the same time until it is observed, it vibrates.

So do we vibrate in all interactions.

So lets go back to just the earth, it is multiple fields, magnetic, gravitational, mass just to mention a few, time and space interact with these things… not just one, all.

Which takes us to entropy…

All the good stuff happens with entropy. The second law of thermal dynamics, times arrow. Something uniquely observable by only us because of one thing only, we are conscience.

I vibrate, I influence everything around me. if I meet you, I hope I left you better.

Someday, I will be on a plane and it will become that old song that old book to me.
And I will get it all.

And then I will call up the quantum guys and clue them in a little.

so here is that song i was talking about

[insert song here]