into kim...


I was hanging there in Friday Harbor with my best friends, Wes, Chris and Brandon from back and the day, and they all said the same thing listening to the same song.

They all said is there someone we should call, all you feeling fine?
And I was like I don’t even think you now who I am, I am…
One can only oppose the armies of delusion… I would say.

It is necessary to believe in oneself. Very, Very difficult. One was a series of spasms, flashes. Without constancy, protean, infantile-but one would have to do. The loneliness was hard.

I had to just get away…

Until I created all myself over again.

The one where I was running past Steve Millers, around the point, past Andy Provchy's house, with my wife, the one where I was running past Jon Malloy's house, past my fathers place and up the hill into the fair grounds. Past Bruce Williams. Past the past. Where the angles stroked my hair. With Kim, with Kim again.

Into Kim.
I move, like all we know of quantum gravity and time until it just makes sense.